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Landscaping - posted January 26, 2014


If you are going to plant trees and shrubs around you new home, here are some guidelines: In the South, shade trees should be primarily on the east, west and southwest sides of a house. Also, we encourage you to carefully select the type the tree being considered. Decide what you really want from this tree or shrub - shade, fall color, or just eye appeal.

Do you need a deciduous tree to shade an outside air-conditioning unit in the summer, while letting sunlight through in the winter? Do you want a line of evergreens to provide a windbreak in the winter and privacy the rest of the year? Another factor to consider is maintenance. Are the trees or shrubs drought resistant, or will they require large amounts of water? Along with these considerations, you should also think about their location in relation to plumbing lines, power lines, and your foundation.


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