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Your Home Efficiency Checkup includes a combination of sit down review and a one to two hour walk-through session where the Home Efficiency Consultant will use a comprehensive check list to identify problem areas that waste utilities. After they have completed the walk through, they will sit down with you to go over their findings, make initial recommendations and answer your questions. Following the session, you will receive a detailed report based on the findings during the consultation.

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Why Now?

Icon_02.jpgYou are paying more than you should to operate your home.

Icon_02.jpgOver 40% of our national energy consumption comes from homes and offices.

Icon_02.jpgYou can start to re-think your home as an energy saving eco-friendly “organism” and not just an “object”.

Icon_02.jpgPart of the Home Efficiency Checkup includes our “One Hour Rescue”

Icon_02.jpgTwelve tactics that take under five minutes each and add up to savings of $500 or more – no additional material cost or tools required!

Why Home Energy Audits?

Icon_02.jpgConsumers are seeking ways to manage their energy consumption in the face of rising utility costs.

Icon_02.jpgEnergy checkups often uncover areas of improvement that drive significant savings and enable remodelers to cross sell their services.

Icon_02.jpgEnergy audits identify the root cause of energy loss in a home and identifies a home improvement plan to mitigate those losses.

Icon_02.jpgBundle energy audits with your service to provide homeowners a ‘must have’ instead of a ‘nice to have’ home improvement solution.

Details about Energy Audits and Home Efficiency Checkups

The Right Service and Equipment: Energy Auditors and Home Effciency Consultants can help you determine which testing equipment and service levels are most applicable to your home. When conducted correctly, energy audits are one of the most cost-effective ways to save money on your utility bills and also create a healthier home environment. Connect with a trained professional in your area to get a free quote. Energy Audits typically cost between $300 and $600, while Home Efficiency Checkups range from $200 to $400. You can save more on your energy bills than the cost of the audit or checkup - in the first year! Surveys typically cover your current energy use, finding potential areas for savings, and also recommendations on ways to increase the overall health of your house.

Blower Door: For Energy Audits, a blower door test is conducted with a powerful fan used in conjunction with a sensitive airflow sensor. The blower door is placed in the opening of your front door and blows out to create a vacuum in your house. By using the airflow sensor and by altering paths for airflow in your house, your auditor can identify air leaks. As the air leaks in or out, your heating and cooling system must make up for these losses by conditioning additional air. By repairing such air leaks, your heating and cooling system will run less, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars or more each season.

Thermal Imagery: Using thermal energy detectors, energy audit technicians can literally see gaps and holes in the insulation inside your walls. Hot spots that develop on your interior walls are signs of energy lost and significantly increase the on-time for your air conditioning unit. In the winter time, patches of warmth on exterior walls and on your ceiling and roof are places where money is literally flowing out of your house.

Audits & Checkups also include:

Icon_02.jpgFindings related to poor insulation and any compromises to your heating and cooling system, give you the opportunity to specifically see where the most cost effective repairs can be made.

Icon_02.jpgReturn On Investment calculations for the recommendations give you the perspective that you need to see what works best within your budget. Not only will you learn what you can expect to pay for each suggestion, you will learn what that fix will save you and how long it will take to pay off the repair itself. You can use this information to determine which repairs to make and in what order. Many auditors will either offer to make the repairs or refer you to a qualified installer.

Is your home Energy Smart?

More about Energy Audits and Home Efficiency Checkups

Home construction is regulated and policed through a system of building codes and inspections, but nevertheless, homes exist today with costly defects. The age of a home, corners cut during construction, simple mistakes by builders or inspectors, or serious inefficiencies can all exist and lead to unnecessarily high energy bills. In a manner very similar to seeing your family doctor for a routine physical, a routine home physicals can help you detect problems in your homes’ health.

Trained professionals using state of the art equipment can show you these inefficiencies backed with hard facts that, if corrected, can save you as much as hundreds of dollars each month.

There are a wide variety of audits and checkups available. Working with our affiliate network, we helped design and now recommend three service packages.

1. Home Efficiency Checkup. This service typically includes a comprehensive check list and up to a two hour walk through with a home specialist. Homeowners should have on hand one or more recent utility bills and at least an hour of time to field questions and hear the recommendations. Each homeowner receives a Green Home Performance Guide that is tailored to the property. The guide serves as the foundation list to prioritize upgrades that can be performed by the homeowner or a independent party. Each recommendation will be accompanied by expected cost, expected savings and return on investment calculations. In most cases the Home Efficiency Consultant can find $500 or more in savings within the first hour. Depending on the size of the home, this level of service will typically costs between $200 and $400.

2. Energy Audit - Advanced Home Physical. This service package typically includes additional instrumentation. When you add a Blower Door test and have your house surveyed with Infrared cameras, inspectors will be able to identify airflow and insulation deficiencies not visible to the human eye. Depending on the size of the home, this level of service will typically costs between $300 and $600.

3. Complete Home Wellness Exam. This service typically includes the Home Efficiency Checkup and the Energy Audit, but also adds air, water and solid contaminate checks. In addition to saving money on energy, this service includes reports on the air quality in you home checking for Radon, Carbon-dioxide, water and even paint contaminates. Depending on the size of the home, this level of service will typically costs between $500 and $850.

All levels of service typically include detailed written guides and reports, so that homeowner can make cost-effective decisions concerning future repairs. Homeowners can use these reports to get bids from independent contractors, as well as pricing from the auditors or their contacts. After tune-ups and/or repairs are completed, we recommend monitoring your utility bills or even considering a follow up inspection.

Your Return on Investment (ROI)

For services costing between $300 and $500, the savings are typically over $500 per year, so... the payback comes within the first year and then extends for years forward. Spend $300 to save $3,000 over five or six years! Since the Complete Home Wellness Exam is more expensive, the payback typically comes within closer to two years.

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