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G & W inspections has a strict code of ethics, which insures quality service to our customers. Our experience inspectors deliver results and meet state standards while providing excellent service.

Save Energy

Too many people request an inspection only upon buying or selling a home, then never again. That’s like visiting a doctor once in your life and assuming you’ll never get sick afterwards.

In fact, a home can acquire all kinds of problems over the years, including hidden water damage, electrical wiring problems, termites and more. Some problems may become serious, even hazardous, if not detected early. That’s why more homeowners are protecting their investment over the long term with preventive home inspections.

With G & W Inspections, we will perform annual, seasonal or emergency “check-ups” of your home’s or commercial major systems. Using advanced technologies, G & W Infarred Inspections can help you:

Icon_02.jpgProtect your family from health and safety hazards

Icon_02.jpgProtect the market value of your home

Icon_02.jpgSolve problems and make repairs before they become costly

Icon_02.jpgSave on utility bills through energy efficiencies

Icon_02.jpgPrevent termite, mice and other pest infestations

Icon_02.jpgKeep a running record of your home’s condition, improvements and repairs

Icon_02.jpgSpeed up the sale of your house with full disclosure

Icon_02.jpgTake advantage of the industry’s leading technology at reduced rates

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Specialized Services

In addition to advanced home inspections, Commercial-Home Infrared Inspections provides a variety of specialized services to home owners, buyers and sellers, including:

Icon_02.jpgMold Inspections

Icon_02.jpgEnergy Loss Inspections

Icon_02.jpgMaintenance Inspections

Icon_02.jpgPre-Renovation Inspections

Icon_02.jpgWater Leakage Detection

With this technology, it is possible to avoid energy losses and to predict and prevent mistakes considerably.

The Power of Technology

The 3-Step Commercial-Home Infrared Inspections Process combines a traditional (visual) inspection with advanced infrared and acoustic scans of the property using a state-of-the-art infrared camera, specially designed acoustic sensors and pattern recognition software. With this technology and process, a Commercial-Home Infrared inspector can detect problems that may otherwise go undetected, including plumbing leaks, water damage, energy loss, electrical problems, structural concerns and termite infestations. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 —Infrared Scan. An infrared scan detects differences in temperature throughout the house. These temperature variations show up as “hot or cold spots” and provide important clues about the house’s condition, problems and potential problems. The infrared scan screens for:

Icon_02.jpgInternal structural concerns

Icon_02.jpgMoisture concerns

Icon_02.jpgPotential electrical problems

Icon_02.jpgTermites and other insects

Icon_02.jpgPipe and duct work leaks

Icon_02.jpgRoof and ceiling leaks

Icon_02.jpgHeat/energy loss

Icon_02.jpgInsulation deficiencies

Icon_02.jpgRats, mice and other pests

Step 2 —Traditional (Visual) Inspection. Once suspicious areas (“hot or cold spots”) are identified by the infrared scan, Commercial-Home Infrared Inspections performs an in-depth visual inspection of the home, paying special attention to the problem areas in order to identify the nature and cause of the problems. The visual inspection covers:










Los Angeles Times Nov.26, 2007

Infrared Inspections can help reduce/eliminate:

Icon_02.jpgMold & Mildew - High humidity and water damage can lead to mold and/or mildew resulting in wood rot, various structure damage and health problems

Icon_02.jpgDust - Poorly sealed duct work can result in high levels of dust.

Icon_02.jpgCold or Hot Rooms - differences in temperature from room to room can signify inadequate insulation, air leaks, and/or poor duct insulation.

Icon_02.jpgMedical costs by reducing indoor allergens, dust, mold, mildew, and pests. This in turn can increase productivity.

Icon_02.jpgEnergy efficient buildings reduce our reliance on foreign natural gas and other fuels, while saving money and promoting local economic growth.

So save some money, promote the local economy, and go green with infrared building inspections!

Infrared Electrical Inspections can prevent major losses according to The InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA).


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